Monday, November 15, 2010


We were able to make a last minute trip to visit Jeremy's family in Idaho!! It had been too long and was way over due. We have had a great time and it even snowed just for us the entire week we were here. The kids loved it and sure did look cute in their snow cloths, but can I just say I am glad that we don't have to dress like this everytime we need to play outside in Florida. We had a wonderful vacation (we even came all this way to swim, hahaha)and we can't wait til next time.


Jodi said...

There is nothing more important than time spent with family! Looks like you guys made a whole bunch of memories! I must say a couple of those pics of Will are priceless!

SARAH said...

We love the snow, but I must confess, it is a hassle to 'dress up' every time we go outside. There are highlights though: Today the sun was shining so bright on the snow that I could barely open my eyes! It gave me some warmth in this cold and gloomy winter. I miss you all. There is not a day that goes by that Will is not looking for jobs to get us back down south closer to my family and our Florida friends! :)