Monday, November 15, 2010


We were able to make a last minute trip to visit Jeremy's family in Idaho!! It had been too long and was way over due. We have had a great time and it even snowed just for us the entire week we were here. The kids loved it and sure did look cute in their snow cloths, but can I just say I am glad that we don't have to dress like this everytime we need to play outside in Florida. We had a wonderful vacation (we even came all this way to swim, hahaha)and we can't wait til next time.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fall Fun

I love the Fall!!! Everything about it from the pumpkins to the parties! Fun, Fun, Fun Times!!

Favorite Girl in the World

I can remember bringing home my little girl from the hospital, and it is hard to believe that she is now 9 years old. Each year that she gets older my heart breaks a little because my baby girl is going to be a young woman before I know it. Yet I can't wait to watch her keep growing. She is such a great girl!!! I can honestly say that she is my favorite girl in the world!!!!

3 and loving it!

My Brice turned 3!!! He was trying to get his fingers to 3 in the pictures above and it was too cute! He would try until he got it.He is so much fun and has such a unique little personality. It is Brice's way or the highway. He is always antagonizing his brothers and sister, but is quick to give them love. Everything he does is to get a response! It is fun to watch until the fun turns to screams from his siblings. Brice loves life and I love him and wouldn't change him for anything!! Even if he is just a "boy", which is what he calls himself "mom I just a boy", and I say in response "yes but you are my boy!!"

Monday, October 4, 2010

funniest things

My Hayden is one of those kids who always has something to say, and has a logical reason why he should or should not do something. He always has the most of-the-wall things to say. Like the other day when I was in the car and he was roaring in the back seat, finally the noise was getting to me and I asked him to stop. He told me he couldn't because he was "scaring his hicups away." Sure enough he was hicupping. His new favorite saying is after I have asked him to do something is to tell me "my knees are asleep I can't do it." I love all the things that tumble out of his little mouth, even though sometimes I know I should be upset at him I just have to laugh!

Friday, October 1, 2010


I have been very blessed in my life with two wonderful sisters who I consider some of my closest friends. Words can not begin to express how much joy and comfort it brings me just knowing they are there if I need them. I meant to do this post on Jodi's birthday as sort of a little gift to let her know how much I love her and appreciate her, but as you all know life gets in the way, but hey things only get better with time, so this should be fabulous. I am so very lucky to have Jodi as my sister. I have no doubt each day if I need her she will be there. That if I need someone to be honest with me all I have to do is call.There are few people in this world that I can be completely honest with no matter how bad it makes me sound or how weird the words that are coming out of my mouth are, and know that they get it and get me. Growing up I was the little sister, so I am sure I got on her nerves, but I am so grateful that as we have grown that we have become friends, not only friends but the best of friends. There is nobody in this world that has a bigger heart than her---NOBODY!! She cares about all- even those she does not know, but especially those she loves, she genuinely feels their pain or their joy. My babies are blessed to call her their aunt and I am even more blessed to know that she loves them as her own! She would take them in a heart beat if I would let her (and sometimes I do, so I can have a mommy break). Again words get in the way of expressing what I feel in my heart, but I am lucky to have such wonderful sisters even more than that, I am blessed to have such wonderful friends!

We have an on going joke in our family about having "Aunt Jodi" morning hair. Her hair is just perfect chaos when she wakes up in the morning. The kids a while back went to a petting zoo with their dad an saw this bird and all of them said "Look it has Aunt Jodi hair"!!! Sooooo funny! We love your hair and we love you my sisiter!!!

Watch out world

Will just had his hair cut for the first time. Unlike all of my other babies he has had a bunch of hair since he was born. So his first hair cut came earlier than any of my others. Lets just say he didn't like it too much.

I can remember doing a post on Brice when he was about the same age as Will is now. In that post I told how Brice was so patient and loved watching his older siblings play. I joked that he was just sitting back taking notes on all that he wanted to do as soon as he could move, and oh was I right!!! Brice now almost 3 is all over the place and into EVERYTHING. Will on the other hand has done no sitting back and is already all over the place and into everything. He started crawling a little before 6months and hasn't stopped moving since. He can't stand to sit still and wants to be on the go every minute. He is such a happy baby, with a sweet and fun personality. He just like all my other babies has a smile that can make your heart swell just seeing him. I just can't imagine if he is into everything now, what he is going to be like at 3. Watch out world if you thought Brice was something here comes Will.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And it begins...... Again

I look forward to school beginning all summer long. The kids love going to school, but this year it was harder for me to let them go. I had a bunch of fun with them this summer and it went by too quick. Don't get me wrong I still like having a little bit of "free" time (if that is what you call it with 2 still at home), but now I am the "bus" again, and the homework starts, along with all the extra curricular things. Oh--- the fun of being a mom. They did look so dang cute on the first day of school though!!!